(October 25, 2020) Exodus 22, 20-26; Psalm 18; 1 Thessalonians 5-10; Matthew 22, 34-40

By +Guy Sansaricq

The Hollywood definition of love dominates our culture. We tend therefore to shake our heads in disbelief when we hear Jesus asking us to love God and to love our neighbor. Can we kiss God on the lips or press on our chests the smelling homeless beggar on the street corner?

Love is much more than shallow sentimentality. It’s a movement of the heart that prompts to seek the other’s good. Jesus is the prototype of love. He laid down his life for our sakes. Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King and thousands of others have followed in his footsteps. A modern philosopher said “Hell is the other man!” Jesus teaches “Heaven is the other man!”

The problems of hatred, racism, poverty, wars, violence and crimes, divorce and divisions will not be resolved by weapons, atomic bombs, drones, inflammatory discourses and armed forces. LOVE is what will bring harmony and peace. Love is not stupid nor does it ignore bleak realities. Love requires strenuous efforts and sustainedresolve. It is not the attribute of the weak, the coward and the naïve. Actually it’s the mark of heroism and greatness! God is LOVE! We are made in his likeness!

Husbands and wives, true love is your vocation! Judges and lawyers, seek justice and fairness! World Governments, care for the poor, the aliens and the marginalized! On the Last Day, LOVE is your admission ticket to heaven!  In the long run, it’s LOVE that will win the race. Strive to be on the winning side! Jesus’ key message is: “LOVE GOD! LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR!”