(September 27th, 2020)

Ezekiel 18, 25-28, Psalm 25; Philippians 2, 1-11; Matthew 21, 28-32

By +Guy Sansaricq

In today’s parable, Jesus highlights the superiority of DEEDS over WORDS. A father sends his two sons to work in his grape vine. The first one answers NO, yet, at second thoughts goes to do the job. On the contrary, the second one says YES but goes nowhere.The first son will be praised not the one who only paid lips service. Do we get the point?

Prophet Ezekiel in the first reading makes the same point: the necessity for the sinner to repent and change his conduct. He will be forgiven completely while the virtuous man who turns away from virtue to commit iniquity will surely die. We must demonstrate by our DEEDS the FAITH we profess with our lips.

The second reading points to Jesus as an example to follow. He did not seek his own selfish interest. Rather he lowered himself and suffered death to save the many.  His heroic sacrifice for the sake of others shows that He is a DOER not a TALKER.

Sometimes despicable sinners like prostitutes break away from their sinful ways and throw themselves in the merciful arms of God. They are then clothed with the robe of grace. Others on the contrary, possess good knowledge of the Scriptures and proudly boast of their social status yet remain blind to the key teachings of the Gospel such as LOVE, MERCY and HUMILITY. There will be no room for them in the Kingdom! Deeds speak louder than words!

A sincere Christian is like a fruit-bearing tree! A fruitless tree is cut down and thrown into the fire.