2nd Book of Kings 4, 8-16; Psalm 89; Romans 6, 3-11; Matthew 10, 37-42

June 28th, 2020   

Possibly the key lesson of this Sunday is summarized in the last line of the 2nd reading that says “Think of yourself as dead to sin and living for God in Christ Jesus.”  Everything else we read can be understood on the basis of this primary statement. Once in Christ, we are a new creation called to act in ways that are totally new.   

In the first place we must prefer God over everything else. The will of God must hold absolute priority in all our choices, decisions and actions.  Anyone concerned primarily with his own welfare cannot be a disciple of the Lord.  God ought to be number one in our lives.Following this statement, we now receive a lesson in hospitality. It is most appropriate in these days when there are 21 000 000 refugees living in temporary camps. No nation wants to open their doors to them. In addition to them millions of others are homeless all over the world. The first reading from the Old Testament gives the beautiful example of a pagan woman who gave shelter to homeless Prophet Elisha. For this she was So shall we be if we accept to be altruistic and share our goods with those in need. Jesus concludes his instruction with these inspiring words: “Whoever gives only a glass of cold water to one of these little ones because this little one is a disciple, amen I say to you he will surely not lose his reward.” Therefore, be not afraid to be good.  Believe that love and charity bring greater joy to the heart than all treasures! Learn to act as Jesus would.

By +Guy Sansaricq